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Renowned as the epitome of catering excellence in Kerala, India, Ruchi Caterer stands as a paragon of exceptional gastronomic artistry. Revered for its unwavering dedication to culinary excellence, Ruchi Caterer seamlessly marries the rich tapestry of traditional Kerala cuisine with contemporary nuances, culminating in an unrivaled epicurean experience that traverses the length and breadth of Kerala.

Harnessing the bounty of locally sourced, impeccably fresh ingredients, Ruchi Caterer crafts dishes that resonate with healthful indulgence, a symphony of robust flavors, and an aesthetic presentation that is nothing short of captivating. Each offering is meticulously tailored to individual preferences, endowing patrons with a truly bespoke culinary journey. The pinnacle of their expertise lies in outdoor catering for premium occasions, a realm where they effortlessly elevate events to moments of gastronomic splendor.

Embracing a legacy rooted in time, dating back to the year 1955, Ruchi Caterer has etched an indelible imprint as the preeminent catering service in Kerala. Their culinary prowess, marked by a profound commitment to unwavering quality, impeccable service, and unswerving dependability, has endowed them with a stature of trust within the industry that remains unparalleled.



On one of the most important days of your life, we provide a full catering program.


You can order a corporate full time or part-time service for personnel/staff lunches


We offer catering services to Professional students who need catering for special occasions


A private dining room, or a penthouse catering is one of our many great services.


We are completely capable of serving for big, open, small, adults or kids festivals


Social events are highly important to our clients, and we guarantee perfect service

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